Recirculating Vortex Combustion
Lean Flame Inc. has developed and supplies the world's cleanest after-market gas turbine combustor with:
  • NOx and CO emissions of less than 3 ppm
  • Zero particulates
  • Zero unburned hydrocarbons
These dramatically low emission levels are made possible as a result of Lean Flame's break though technology known as Recirculating Vortex Combustion or "RVC".
Lean Flame's Recirculating Vortex Combustor technology produces ultra low emissions while increasing combustion intensity and efficiency.
Lean Flame Inc. is well-aligned with strategic partners in the power and aviation industries in developing clean combustion technologies.
Latest News
Jan. 2014: Lean Flame Inc. recently completed engine testing of its proprietary combustor technology on a 1.7MWe Land Based Gas Turbine Engine running on natural gas at a major Asian Gas Turbine OEM. Results have demonstrated a 90% reduction in NOx emissions over ... read more